How To

Browsing Memorable Links

With your membics displayed inside of your own web site, and visiting your theme by its direct address, you could pretty much skip the main community membics display entirely. It can be a distraction, but glancing at memorable links from other people is fun, informative, and favors serendipity. To see the recent membics from the community click the membic logo .

Optimizing Random

While it might look like a huge list, the community display updates slowly. That's because not everything is worth remembering. You can probably keep up with it, but here's how to optimize what gets displayed for you:

  1. When someone posts membics that you have zero interest in, or you simply don't trust their judgment, click the by their profile pic to bring up the preferences dialog. Select to move their membics to the end of the display. Then when you are scrolling through, you'll know when you've hit the bottom of the barrel.
  2. When someone posts membics that are interesting and thoughtful, click the by their profile pic to bring up the preferences dialog and select . Now you can differentiate between people you are not familar with, and those whose judgment you trust. Reading goes much faster when you know whether you trust the source already.
  3. If a membic was particularly helpful, click the next to its title and star it. That gives positive feedback to the person posting and has other beneficial effects.

The "nuclear" tuning options (prefer and block ) are there if you need them. Prefer means you will see everything from that person before you see anything from anyone else. Block makes someone completely disappear from your world view forever. We take blocking seriously. Any person you block will not know that you blocked them, but that's one of the ways community administrators are alerted to to unwelcome members.

When you are viewing your own membics, there's a count of how many people have starred it. Membic does not support general conversation due to the potential for abuse, but positive feedback is good.

With tuning, your community feed can be a great source of new information.