How To

Collaborating on a Membic Theme

Posting links collaboratively extends the variety and increases the quality of helpful links by reflecting the knowledge and experience of everyone involved. Collaboration is powerful, but without trust and clear process things have a tendency to get messy. Here's how various access roles help everyone collaboratively contribute to a theme:

  1. Follow a theme to show you are interested in it, and to gain access to the theme settings button. As a follower you can't make changes, but you can read the RSS newsfeed and Embed Theme links. You can also access the stats and update information for the theme to see how active it is. If you decide you would like to contribute, you can apply to become a member by clicking your status "Following" link. If you don't know one of the theme founders, it's a good idea to first establish your reputation by posting some appropriate membics to your own profile. You can post them to the theme later if your membership is accepted. Depending on how active other people in the theme are, it might take a few days for your application to be processed.
  2. As a Member you can post to the theme. When you are writing a membic, you will see the theme at the bottom of the membic editing dialog with a checkbox next to it. Checking the box will post your membic through to the theme. If you accidentally post something, you can edit your membic again and uncheck the box, or go to the theme and click the title of your membic to remove it. In the rare case where you post a membic that is not appropriate for the theme, it might be removed by an administrator, so if you can't find your membic, check the theme settings info button to see if your membic was removed and why. To help out with theme administration, apply to become a moderator.
  3. As a Moderator you see the membership info button under the theme settings allowing you to view all members. You will also see new member applications and you are allowed to accept them on behalf of the theme. If you see an innapropriate post, you can click the title to remove it. Most of your actions will require you to state a reason, which will be displayed in the update information. When there are many people collaborating on a theme, moderators play a crucial role in keeping a theme on track. To make changes to the theme description, or remove members you can apply to become a founder.
  4. As a Founder you have full access to all actions possible for a theme, just as if you had created it yourself.


As a founder or moderator, if you know people you would like as contributors, you can pre-approve membership and invite someone by email. Click the theme title, then click the "Invite" button next to the social media share icons.

There if you need it

In the most common case, collaboratively posting to a theme involves a small number of people from a group who already know each other. These roles may seem a bit formal, but they allow you to grow and help everyone understand what is going on.