How To

Embedding a Membic Theme

Presenting helpful links as part of your website connects your site with the rest of the world, providing context for visitors and a handy way for you to track useful links. But updating your site every time you find something useful can be a chore. Here's how to manage and present helpful links on your website using an embedded membic theme:

  1. Click to access your profile.
  2. Click the themes tab
  3. Click the "Create cooperative theme" link at the bottom of the page, then the "Create New Theme" button. Choose a name that works with your website. For the description, include your website URL. If you have a hashtag for identifying all your helpful links on social media fill that in, otherwise leave it blank. Don't worry, you can edit this information later. Click the "Create Theme" button.
  4. Your new theme is created and displayed. Click the settings icon and then click the "Choose Image" button. Upload a recognizable image like your website logo.
  5. Click to write your first membic for this theme. Your new theme will be listed at the bottom with a checkbox next to it. Check that checkbox and save.
  6. Now that you are done creating a theme and have at least one membic in it, open the theme settings then click the "Embed Theme" link. Copy and paste the "Embed script" contents into the website page where you want the display.

That little snippet of script does everything it can to display things nicely, but it can be blocked from working. Here's how to work around some of the situations that can happen:

Custom Keywords

To make your posted links easier to find and more fun to browse, consider setting up custom keywords for your membic theme. The keywords turn into search radio buttons that provide quick and intuitive filtering of the links you post.

To manage keywords, open the theme settings then click the "Theme Keywords" link. There is no limit on the number of keywords, but keeping it to less than 8 or so can make it easier work with. The keywords you make available help to educate visitors about the kind of things you post. Broader concepts are good, a membic can have several keywords associated with it.

Posts From Multiple People

Your embedded theme shows the pen name image with each post, so different people associated with your website can all contribute. To learn more about managing people and content for your theme, see Manage theme membership and post collaboratively.